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Body Treatments

Exfoliating Sugar Body Polish

Our nourishing body polish is designed to exfoliate, stimulate and polish the skin to a glow. After your relaxing body polish enjoy a soak in a private tub followed by a custom massage. 


Indiba Treatments 

INDIBA Treatments stimulate healthy cell function and revitalization through radio frequency therapy. INDIBA works at a specific frequency of 448 kHz, which causes thermal and subthermal effects, achieving noticeable results from the first session. Biostimulation (sub-thermal) Activates the cells metabolic rate, increases circulation and activates fibroblasts. Vascularization (thermal) Dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, oxygenating tissue and cells, increasing cell metabolism and encouraging drainage. Hyperactivation (hyperthermal) Breaks down fat/fatty deposits, detoxifies and encourages toxin drainage, increases cell metabolism and encourages collagen production.

Skin Tightening

Cells re-synthesize collagen and elastin, improving elasticity and firmness.

Body Contouring

Non-invasive solution to tackle cellulite and reduce fat

Body Anti-Aging

Soft the effects of aging and restore youthfulness throughout the body.


Combining with manual massage techniques creates a deeper heat, relaxes muscles, and eliminates toxins.

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